Short and long-term planning

In a world where economic woe, regulatory review and market flux are standard practice, building a robust investment portfolio has never been more important.

Once your risk appetite has been established and your chosen strategy put in place, you may wish to position your portfolio to shield against the short-term effects of market volatility, navigate the quantitative easing programmes that have poured money into world markets, or simply beat inflation. At Equilibrium we can help with your investment planning. 

It's widely accepted that when it comes to investing in stockmarkets, taking a longer-term view is more likely to deliver greater gains - but that's a huge generalisation. The sensible approach is to apply a degree of balance, considering the goings-on in the UK and overseas, and work them into your decision making.

A long-term asset allocation strategy will take into account your attitude to risk and (perhaps more importantly) propensity for loss, shielding you from the worst during the bad times while rewarding you in the good times. Your adviser may help you arrive at a 'target return' based on your requirements, and how best to achieve that.

Against a moving backdrop, the most appropriate outcome is best achieved using a blend of investment vehicles. This might be using a combination of passive and active management in the core and satellite parts of your investment portfolio, for example, balancing your risk appetite but also the costs incurred on your investments.

On this foundation, a suitable portfolio can be built including different regional characteristics, using a range of investment management styles from a selection of different fund groups. Depending on factors such as suitability, cost and individual taste, Equilibrium will endeavour to create an investment solution that is stable, sustainable, and best meets your personal objectives.