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Geneva to Nice Cycle 2015

4 days, 364 miles, a lot of tyre tread and aching muscles later, I made it from Geneva to Nice!


I DID IT! After an exhausting four days I have managed to complete my bike ride from Geneva to Nice.

It was a fantastic and difficult experience navigating the ups and downs of the Alps and having to climb continuously for up to 18 miles whilst ascending a little over 21,000 feet over the four days. I did not do myself any favours on the second day when I managed to turn a 91 mile ride into 105 by going the wrong way, however this did give me the accolade of cycling the furthest out of the group. 

So far I have managed to raise £6,298 (including matched funding from Equilibrium) towards the target of £10,000 for the fantastic charity of Reuben’s Retreat and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far. Both myself and the charity would greatly appreciate any further funding towards the target so please feel free to donate if you so wish by clicking here.

Thanks once again for all of the support.