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This week's roundup brings news of troubled times for a number of major UK businesses, including an 80% profits drop for BP, BHS being placed into administration and Scottish Power being hit with an £18 million penalty. We also discuss the new £20 note design, which will feature the artist JMW Turner.

If you were lucky enough to win a lottery jackpot of, say, £5 million, what would you spend the money on? It's a question we often ask ourselves and is one we posed in our recent survey, which we conducted to learn more about people's aspirations and expectations following a windfall.

In our roundup this week, we report on new figures suggesting a rise in support for the Brexit 'In' campaign, and warnings from George Osborne that leaving the EU could cause long-lasting economic damage. We also bring news of Centrica announcing a loss in customers and claims that customers are being failed by major mobile providers.

With many people winning big in the lottery of late, our infographic looks at whether a jackpot win really can buy everything you want, or whether it means even more financial management is required. We also look at how the money could otherwise be used to help others.

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