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It’s looking like a rollover, and I’m not talking about the Lottery. Our Barclays defined return product has its first anniversary date next week.

Our roundup this week brings you news of a rise for crude oil futures following a pledge from Saudi Arabia towards oil price stability, a new survey indicating the majority of Britons are in favour of leaving the EU following the Paris attacks, research concluding that more young people than old are living in poverty in the UK and calls for hundreds of thousands of women to receive pension compensation.

Investing in property can be extremely rewarding, not to mention interesting, and represents a great way to add another string to your bow. Property investment can also, however, be rather complex.

In this week's finance and investment news roundup we look at how the terror attacks in France have affected Asian stocks, sales underperformance for supermarket giant Asda, Isa rate cuts implemented by NS&I, and the selling off of former Northern Rock mortgages for £13 billion.

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