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Easter is nearly upon us. In many households, the Easter Bunny is the bringer of all things chocolate. The magic and mystery of this lagomorphic chocolatier originated in Germany in the 16th century where the Easter Hare (as he was then) rewarded children for good behaviour over the Easter period.

Today we look at the impact of the FCA's new business plan, along with fears of rising debts in UK homes, the latest FTSE movement and the latest news coming out of Greece.

They are beautiful to look at and a joy to drive. With the days growing longer and the weather beginning to improve, we look at the top ten classic cars we'd love to drive this spring.

In past blogs and newsletters we’ve covered the lack of value we see in government bonds such as UK gilts. For example, a 10 year UK gilt yields just 1.7% pa. This is the effective interest rate you get for lending your money to the government for a decade. For German bunds you get just 0.27% pa and if you buy a 5 year bund the yield will be negative – you will lose money over the term.

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